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The Power of Human Potential

We appreciate 4 natural approaches

Doug Bolger wants to change the way the world works. As Founder & CEO of Learn2, Doug believes that every team can achieve inspired results by unlearning, optimizing and creating best practices. At the heart of his award-winning approach to facilitation and design lies Doug’s commitment to participant-centered and experiential Live Sessions. Teams transform and bottom lines grow when leaders and teams get committed to “doing differently”. This results-driven approach to learning has benefited clients such as Amex, J&J, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft and the Canadian Olympic Team. His business acumen, sizzling insights and creative approach earned the Learn2 team over a dozen industry awards and recognition. Doug’s conviction that anything is possible releases the power and energy inside participants and inspires them to lead differently. Languages: English, French, Spanish

Doug Bolger

Founder & CEO


Amy Dano keeps the world running at just the right pace. Her expertise in logistical and administrative systems makes her the heart of Learn2. She has extensive experience in office administration in both the public and private sectors and provides the diplomatic leadership that keeps Learn2 in top form. Amy’s background in training and development taps into her love of learning and energizes her support of clients. The combination of her creative outlook and extensive knowledge of business strategy make Amy uniquely qualified for her work. She keeps the work flowing, the office buzzing, and the complex moving parts of the Learn2 team operating in harmony.

Amy Dano

Director, Experience & Operations


Carrie purpose is to ignite authenticity and joy. She believes we all have the potential to create our ideal world. She is a certified Sales Leader (CSL) with a passion to impact a company’s greatest asset – their people. With over 20 years of facilitation, leadership and sales experiences in a variety of industries, she helps leaders take complex ideas and simplify them to drive change and innovation. She is known for her energy, boldness and creativity, which drive business outcomes.

Carrie Millen

Master Facilitator


Caroline (Carol) Assalian is a Performance Strategist and Business Coach who elevates performance of organizations, teams and individuals through strategy and leadership. A former athlete, coach and 25-year experienced and respected international executive with a proven track record of delivering results. Her innovative leadership and work with high achievers and world-class teams transformed the way in which thousands of athletes, coaches and organizations prepare for and perform at the Olympic Games. Her national and international recognition includes Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, 5-time recipient of Canada’s most influential women in sport and physical activity, Inductee Concordia University Sports Hall of Fame, representative of 200+ National Olympic Committees for the International Olympic Committee’s Evaluation Commission for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games and continental representative for the Association of National Olympic Committees. Today, Caroline teaches, motivates and creates a customized blueprint for clients to elevate performance and achieve results in a sound, sustainable and ethical manner.

Caroline Assalian

Account Manager


Robyn brings with her a lifetime of administrative leadership. She thrives on making things run more efficiently and assisting others in producing the best possible results. Over the past 20 years, Robyn has worked behind the scenes in a variety of industries: education, travel & tourism, radio & television, insurance, real estate sales & development and property law. Lists and charts and storyboards are her favourite office accessories, with budgets and deadlines not far behind! Every workplace should have a manager that can keep the office organized, but if also helps to have a team cheerleader to encourage positivity and keep staff motivated. Learn2 found a gold mine in Robyn as she is able to fashionably wear both hats. Efficiency is her middle name, and we’re glad to have her on-board.

Robyn McMurray

Administrative Leader


Jonathan’s personal why is to help others become the best versions of themselves in and out of the workplace. No interaction is too short to make someone’s day just a little bit better through unrelenting enthusiasm and optimism. He has over 7 years’ successful experience building and leading teams in fast paced and ever-changing landscape of digital. He believes that everything in life is better with purpose and intent. Working for something that has no meaning is stressful but working towards a mission or purpose is passion and his entire career has been about passionately building strong foundations and processes that bring success to all partnerships and clients that he works with.

Jonathan Wright

Client Success Manager


Mary is a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) with a passion for innovation, impactful leadership and workplaces that explode with the power of engaged employees and stakeholders. Her more than 25 years of varied human resources and operations experience drives her desire to foster workplace cultures of trust, collaboration, celebration and change. She is well known for her fast tempo, direct communication and bringing out the best in people. She is a skilled communicator, solutions finder and focused business and human resources strategist.

Mary Bean

Senior Director, Culture & Leadership


Martín Stringel is a consultant on the human side of business; He has been a passionate promotor of accelerated learning in Mexico an Latinamerica, and co-developer of the possibilities of ART as a catalyzer of human development. Co-founder of Learn2 Mexico, Martin is a passionate ambassador of Learn2’s expansion in Brazil, Costa Rica and Mexico. Having experienced an extraordinary path of life, he has liven in close contact with nature, antient ethnic groups, and a profound student of bio-energetics and human development in organizations. Martin is a Team coach that generates deep awareness and expands the potential of people in organizations, and has been working with multinational organizations and schools since 1997. His work is centered on helping individuals and organizations discover, appreciate and capitalize on the diversity of talent they possess, by creating rich working atmospheres that promote Motivation, Creativity, Connection and other components for permanent growth and improvement.

Martin Stringel

Business Development Partner, Learn2 Mexico


 Winfer has a strategic mindset, including the ability to quickly recognize and adopt new tools and technologies that make sense. She has a lot of experience in managing and growing social media channels & connections and business-to-business lead generation. Winfer has the ability to work collaboratively within a team environment and places high value on open communication, authenticity and transparency with a positive, can-do attitude, maturity, and ability to maintain composure in a fast-paced environment. Winfer is very flexible with regards to job responsibilities and has impeccable communication skills across all channels with an ability to get the message across over IM, email, phone, text, smoke signals, Morse code and carrier pigeon – all at the same instance. On weekends, Winfer gets to do what she loves to do best, cooking & baking. She spends her Saturdays going to culinary school.

Winfer Calina

B2B Lead Generation & Outreach Specialist


Pepper is the Director of First Impressions. If you are not throwing a Learn2 ball or playing with her, she is sleeping or waiting for human interaction. She fills our days with moments we would not otherwise have at work. She is a loyal companion and loves meeting new friends.


Director of First Impressions